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Welcome to Justnew4U

I have always been fascinated with furniture. When I was eighteen, I worked for a furniture manufacturing company, those experiences
with furniture really impressed me.  I have always wanted to open my own furniture store which it is now located in the Yellow Green Farmers
Market 1940 North 30th Road Hollywood, Florida 33021 booth #162.

Now I have the space and equipment and a store I am full of ideas about furniture functioning in your home. I repair and refinish
furniture's by using paint or stain so if you have any furniture that needs TLC I can help. I can also built small projects like,
(shelves see below this was for a client)

I would like for you to know that this is not just a job for me it is my passion and I really enjoy beautiful furniture. Repair & refinishing
furniture for me is like art. I live in a small place and I have built some furniture to fit my needs and space.  You can call or email if you
have a small project or if you are interest in our furniture for sale.  Make sure to visit my for sale page and repair and refinishing page.

There are so many different kinds of woods out there and some of them are very costly to purchase. I personally like to work with pine
wood less costly than others. Below you will see photos of furniture that I have built in pine wood. How it works if you give me an idea
of the space you have I can sketch something for you or see our furniture for sale. Below is one of my sketches that I did for one of my clients
it was for a fish tank (aquarium) below you will see how it was built.

Sincerely, Alberto Portalatin